People aren’t confrontational because it’s convenient/ easy and you save face when you fade people out of you life without confronting them first. Doing what’s easy isn’t always what’s right. You want to end relationships in peace with real closure. This is best done in person, especially if it’s a longer relationship – you owe it to them and yourself. You benefit from closure just as much as they do even if neither of you realize it. Closure actually makes it easy to open your mind and heart to new people, letting them in without holding previous pain – and having that pain become a barrier  between both of you. The exciting and empowering aspect of closure is that by closing a door, you have the time, energy and will to open up the next door that could lead to a brighter future. We tend to keep many doors open because we have the fear of closure, yet closing those doors is the best way  to move forward with confidence, and in peace. 

I hate „ghosting“ – where people randomly stop talking to you. Stop the ghosting culture and talk about your feelings, it’s better for everyone!